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At Hogarth’s we take pride in the fact that we do everything possible that can be done to make sure the service we provide is the best. We want our clients to feel confident that they have made the right choice…

Fertiliser applied evenly and at the required rate can provide economic benefits to farmers and reduce adverse environmental impacts.  

A recent study on fertiliser spreading patterns and their effect on farm production concluded that without Qualified Specialist Equipment & Operators, up to 50% of fertiliser is spread unevenly. This is resulting in estimated production losses of $5 to $30/ha on pasture, and $30 to $300/ha on high value crops, such as grass seed, wheat and onions. This does not take into account losses resulting from other effects of uneven spread such as variations in maturity of seed and hay crops, luxury uptake and leaching.

Hogarth’s vehicles are tested to Spreadmark NZ standards by qualified testers on a regular basis & we use TracMap GPS systems for mapping and proof of placement.

Spreadmark certified - hogarths spreading nelson new zealand

We are a Spreadmark Certified Company

What is Spreadmark?

Spreadmark is a voluntary quality assurance scheme administered by Federated Farmers, it is run in conjunction with Fertmark, a fertiliser quality assurance scheme, to ensure that fertiliser is applied accurately.

There is no doubt that the proper placement of fertiliser is of considerable agronomic benefit to farmers and growers and will help protect the environment from the undesirable side effects of poor fertiliser spreading practices.

The precision placement of fertiliser requires a number of factors. It depends on the careful integration of operator skills, sound spreading equipment and appropriate fertilisers. It is the integration of these factors that is at the heart of the Spreadmark scheme. Registration is voluntary but the scheme has been designed and will be operated and promoted in such a way as to encourage all operators to become involved.

The Spreadmark scheme is governed by a Council consisting of representatives from fertiliser user groups, fertiliser applicators and fertiliser manufacturers. The Spreadmark scheme operates closely with its sister scheme Fertmark, and these two schemes operate together to ensure that high quality fertiliser is manufactured, mixed and spread in a way that precision agriculture is fostered and the environment is protected.  Both schemes have strong links to the Code of Practice for Fertiliser Use.

If an operator has the Spreadmark tick, farmers and grower's know that:

  • Spreader operators have been trained
  • Equipment is independently assessed and systems audited.
  • Fertiliser is being applied at an even rate and distribution pattern.
  • They can be confident a Spreadmark operator will place  fertiliser where they want it.

Please visit the Fertiliser Quality Council website for further information on the Spreadmark codes of practice.

Tracmap recording provided by Hogarths Fertiliser and Seed Spreading Nelson NZ

We use TracMap Agricultural GPS System

What is TracMap?

TracMap is New Zealand's most trusted precision agricultural system and is used by over 65% of New Zealand’s farmers and contractors for ground applications.  It is a precision agriculture system specifically designed for ground-spreading applications. Founded originally to help New Zealand farmers place fertiliser more accurately, TracMap has been proven to increase the efficiency of application by 20%. Put simply, you get 20% more coverage from the same amount of product. Or what used to do seven paddocks, will now do nine.

TracMap Job Allocation

TracMap allows drivers to perform their jobs to a much higher standard, and with much higher accuracy. They can easily follow maps on the TracMap unit in their trucks to ensure the width is always right.  It also saves time, and reduces confusion that could result errors and costly mistakes.

It can also be used to identify and avoid hazards, reducing damage to equipment and downtime.

TracMap Proof of placement

TracMap does exactly what the name implies –  it allows us to assign and track, that you’ve got the right product, on the right job, in the right paddock, at the right time. And it allows you to prove it.  We will use your Fertiliser Product Order Number as the Order Number on TracMap and include it in our Invoices, this means that when you are logged onto TracMap, you can search for that Number and find the corresponding proof of placement.

TracMap Live Tracking

Live tracking via satellite means that we can see where our drivers are on your property and that their vehicles are still operating.

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