Mycoplasma Bovis & Groundspreading

The Government and dairy and beef industries have agreed to attempt to eradicate Mycoplasma Bovis from New Zealand.  Mbovis is known to be transmitted animal to animal in milk, semen or nose to nose contact. It can only survive away from the bovine host for a very short period of time if exposed to air and sunlight. It may survive in damp wet environments for a longer time, but there is an extremely low transmission risk of spores surviving in excrement on the undersides of vehicles. 

However, where a farm is declared a “Restricted Place” or has received a “Notice of Direction” (NoD) under the Biosecurity Act 1993, due to Mycoplasma Bovis, extra measures will need to be adopted to ensure no transmission of infected material can occur.

Individuals with either of the above notices will be contacted by MPI and biosecurity protocols will be explained and put in place – these will include vehicle wash down facilities and sanitization products.

Although Hogarth’s vehicles are maintained by our own wash facilities, the washing off of contaminants on an affected farm MUST BE CONTAINED WITHIN THE INDIVIDUAL FARM. Please ensure all wash down facilities meet your environmental responsibilities.

 The ability to return to base and hose down is NOT an option following this protocol.

Under MPI Guidelines YOU MUST PROVIDE SUITABLE WASH DOWN FACILITIES.  Management of on farm wash down facilities and the disposal of contaminants resulting from their use must be managed in accordance with individual environment consents.

We accept NO responsibility for the management of on farm wash down facilities.


What we can do

  • COMMUNICATION - is important! Contact us to discuss your individual status & protocols that you have in place.  We will always contact you before sending a truck onto your property.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY - Affected customers confidentiality will be taken into consideration and individually discussed.
  • We will have a “Dedicated Truck” that will be the only truck to go to affected farms.
  • We will not drive in paddocks with stock in them
  • CLEAN – We will require suitable wash down and sanitization facilities (we will carry a backup of Disinfectant however, it will be up to the affected property owner to supply this).
  • Footwear will also be decontaminated & disinfected.        
  • EDUCATION - We will do our best to keep up to date and informed of the best practices to help with the eradication of Mbovis.               

Websites for more information:

For support, contact your local Rural Support Trust: call 0800 78 72 54 (0800 RURAL HELP)

Fact Sheets:

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